Olivia Melikhov

Director of Social Media Strategy
Olivia Melikhov - ASPCA

Olivia Melikhov is the Director of Social Media Strategy on ASPCA’s Media and Communications team. In her role, Olivia develops innovative initiatives utilizing social media strategies while also leveraging traditional media. She provides leadership on major projects and campaigns, encouraging inter-departmental collaboration. Olivia contributes to innovation at the ASPCA, particularly in the area of technology solutions and ways they can support programs. She worked to launch ASPCA's first interactive mobile app. Another part of her role involves working to shape the ASPCA brand reputation in the online space. She oversees influencer outreach, social media monitoring, and online crisis communication. Prior to the ASPCA, Olivia was a Social and Digital Media Strategist at Hunter Public Relations, where she helped develop a robust social media practice for the agency by educating staff, winning business with clients and launching successful social marketing programs for Fortune 500 companies.