Video Redefined: Find the Audience You Want Across All Screens and Turn Awareness into Action

The average American internet-connected household now owns 25 connected devices, which makes it more difficult to reach the right audience across multiple screens. Today, more than ever, brands need to rely on data in planning their multi-screen campaigns to ensure they’re reaching their best potential customers wherever they are… across Linear TV, Streaming TV, and Online solutions.

This session will take you through how to use consumer insights to effectively target your audience across all screens and actively engage them. You’ll also leave with outcome-based measurement tactics to determine success across all screens that proves your advertising is effective and efficient.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Target the audiences you want in an evolving multiscreen media landscape
  • Use viewership data and insights to create impactful video campaigns across TV, Streaming TV, and Online Video
  • Deploy measurement tactics to test and optimize video creative to drive ROI for your marketing campaigns