Smarter Media Budget Allocations: Growing a Brand and Keeping The CFO Happy

This session focuses on how to plan your media investments, and execute strategies, at the most granular location levels possible. (e.g. City, Zip, Store Location) Any advertiser, or agency who is interested in planning their media at the intersection of consumer location and business opportunity will walk away with the ability to better align their advertising dollars with the financial opportunities of each market that a brand operates in. The planning frameworks shared will primarily benefit brands, or their agencies, who sell their products in major retailers (online/offline) or provide services via physical locations. However, the concepts presented could be re-engineered to work for virtually any type of advertiser, including e-commerce brands.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Execute advertising campaigns that deliver on the needs of both the brand and business
  • Identify where $1 of incremental media investment will generate the most value for the business
  • Align marketing budgets based on the opportunity score of every location/geo in which your product is sold and/or services are provided
  • Make the most of a small(er) budget when expectations are high