Meme-ology 101: The New Language of Digital Culture

Memes are the primary language of the digital zeitgeist. And the memes we encounter today are no accident – their various formats are constantly evolving in competitive content environments: only the most successful meme mutations survive and propagate. But what are memes, really? What do they reflect about culture, communication and co-creation? As the origin of (most of) the Internet’s favorite memes, Reddit is a rain gauge for virality. Join the founding member of Reddit’s Brand Strategy team for a discussion on the history of memes, their cultural significance, and how brands can apply the language of memes to their own work and creative process.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the evolution and philosophy of the internet’s most profound communication currency
  • Determine what makes memes successful (or not)
  • Incorporate memes in your content and creative process
  • Keep your brand relevant in the competitive world of digital content