Digital marketing needs data scientists to supply the modeling for marketing programs and analyze the results showing the return on investment. What do you do if you aren’t in one on of the new age digital companies like Amazon or Google? One approach to consider is building the data scientist function out of a team of people currently on staff or readily available in the marketplace, also known as the ‘DataScienceStein’ approach. This is a proven approach used for years by analytics functions and firms which will enable to organization to cost effectively implement a data science function with long-term potential.
At the end of this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Define the DataScienceStein approach to implementing a data science function
  • Articulate the benefits digital marketers can gain by building a DataScienceStein
  • Identify the skills needed to build a DataScienceStein team
  • Translate the skills needed to actual job functions required for a DataScienceStein team
  • Justify why a DataScienceStein could be the preferred method to implementing a data science function