Social Media tends to cause the most headache for brands trying to make sense of their marketing and customers in the new digital landscape. Part of the problem is that “Social Media” isn’t one channel with a unified purpose or measurement framework: rather, it’s a collection of channels that each serve different marketing and customer needs, and companies tend to measure “success” in social based on their own siloed activities instead of customers. The solution: structure social media analytics around the customer journey. This session focuses on how to map the customer journey through social media and use data-driven insights to improve marketing, personalization and customer experience.
At the end of this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand how customers use social media and interact with brands throughout their journey
  • Derive customer data and insights from social media activity to inform marketing and operations
  • Identify best-in-class social enterprise software to support customer experience analytics
  • Develop an integrated measurement framework for social listening, owned channels and social commerce