You’ve heard about the challenges the digital advertising ecosystem is facing in its fight against ad fraud. But do you know how ad fraud works, where ad fraud originates, and what can be done to minimize it? Join us as we discuss key lessons learned from Google’s fight against ad fraud, and why it’s important that all of us, not just key players in the industry, take action in guarding against ad fraud.

Get a glimpse behind the scenes into the art and the science of ad fraud. See firsthand how fraudsters try to game the system, and see how technology, people, and policies can be used to defend against various types of ad fraud. Learn about the steps that you can take to help resolve this challenge.

After this session you’ll be able to:

  • Better understand how ad fraud works in the digital advertising ecosystem (including real life examples).
  • Be current on what Google is doing to defend advertisers, publishers, and users from ad fraud.
  • Take action in defending back against ad fraud.