In order to keep pace with current and future buyers, tighter collaboration between Marketing and Sales is required. By jointly engaging in and operationalizing buyer-centric initiatives, such as account-based marketing, personalization, and social selling, B2B marketers and sellers will position themselves and their firms to win in the Age of the Customer. This session is a call to action for marketing and sales professionals to embrace different collaboration models, maximize new channels and infuse fresh methods into their approach.
At the end of this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Cite the latest data on the state of marketing and sales alignment
  • Understand key attributes and activities of the modern B2B seller
  • Investigate the most innovative enablement technologies
  • Incorporate knowledge of current and future B2B buyer trends and preferences into your marketing
  • Identify buyer-centric initiatives that create cohesion between teams
  • Use an action plan to operationalize a 21st-century partnership